If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, and particularly a hiking enthusiast, you probably understand the significance of having a reliable pair of hiking boots. Hiking boots are not just ordinary shoes; they are investments towards your safety, comfort, and overall hiking experience. And Scarpa hiking boots are some of the most sought-after hiking boots in the market today.

If you’re planning to purchase Scarpa hiking boots, it’s crucial that you understand how they fit to make sure you get the perfect size. In this article, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of Scarpa hiking boots fit so that you can purchase the perfect size without any worries.

Scarpa Hiking Boots Size Chart

The sizing chart of Scarpa hiking boots may seem similar to that of the regular shoe size chart, but there are slight differences. Scarpa hiking boots take into account your foot length, width, and volume to give you the right fit. Therefore, it’s important to measure all three aspects before purchasing Scarpa hiking boots.

The Scarpa sizing chart ranges from US 3 to US 15 – with ladies’ half sizes and men’s full sizes available. European sizes typically range from 35 to 50, while UK sizes vary from 2 to 13.

If you’re used to purchasing shoes according to your size in centimeters, you’ll have no problem finding the right size. The Scarpa sizing chart typically measures a maximum of 30 cm long, which relates to US men’s size 15.

Scarpa Hiking Boot Fitting Approach

Scarpa hiking boots are designed to have a snug fit, ensuring that they provide maximum support and protection to your feet. When searching for the perfect fit, you should consider the following:

1. Length

Make sure you’re not toe-cramped, as it can result in long-term damage to your toes. Your toes should be able to move freely and wiggle without pressure. Hence, always ensure that you have enough space in your Scarpa hiking boots to allow your toes to move freely.

2. Width

Your Scarpa hiking boots should fit snugly in the midfoot area, without any tightness or pressure. A perfect fit in this area will ensure maximum stability during hiking.

3. Volume/Height

Scarpa hiking boots come in different volumes to cater to different foot shapes. High-volume boots are designed for people with high arches, while low-volume boots are for those with flat feet. Therefore, it’s essential to measure your foot’s volume and shape accurately to ensure that you get the right size.

Getting the Right Scarpa Hiking Boot Size

Now that you know the fitting approach, you can proceed to purchase the right size of Scarpa hiking boots. But how can you achieve that? Here are some tips to guide you:

1. Measure Your Foot Accurately

To achieve the perfect fit, you’ll need to measure your foot’s width, length, and volume accurately. You can visit your local shoe store to get your feet measured if you’re unsure how to obtain the measurements yourself.

2. Consider the Type of Socks You’ll be Wearing

It’s crucial to consider the type of socks you’ll be wearing with your Scarpa hiking boots before purchasing them. Different socks have different thicknesses, which can affect the fit of your shoes. Therefore, purchase your hiking socks in advance to have an idea of how they’ll fit when worn together.

3. Test Your Scarpa Hiking Boots

Testing the Scarpa hiking boots in-store is essential to gauge the fit and ensure that you get the perfect size. Try walking around the store, climb on a stool, or even jog in them to test their comfort and stability.


Purchasing the perfect size of Scarpa hiking boots goes a long way in ensuring that you have an enjoyable hiking experience. Therefore, always make sure to measure your foot’s width, length, and volume accurately before purchasing the boots. Don’t forget to wear the socks you intend to wear during hiking when fitting the boots.

We hope this article has been informative and helps you purchase the right size of Scarpa hiking boots for your upcoming hiking trip. Happy hiking!