Top 8 Columbus Hiking Groups: A Comprehensive Guide

At [Company Name], we understand that hiking is not only a way to get in shape but also a means of experiencing the great outdoors and enjoying nature. Columbus Ohio has a full range of outdoor sceneries, including hills, valleys, and trails that all offer stunning views that are perfect for hikers of all levels.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 Columbus hiking groups for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trekker, these groups offer an excellent opportunity to explore different trails, meet new people, and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

1. Columbus Outdoor Pursuits
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits (COP) is a non-profit organization that focuses on outdoor activities, mainly hiking, cycling, and paddling. The group offers a range of activities throughout the year, including group hikes, bike rides, and multi-sport events. COP has over 1,500 active members, making it one of the largest outdoor groups in Columbus.

2. Central Ohio Hiking Group
The Central Ohio Hiking Group (COHG) is another active outdoor group with over 5,000 members. COHG organizes several hikes every week, catering to all levels of hikers. From short, easy hikes to challenging treks, there’s always something for everyone.

3. Columbus Outdoor Adventures
Columbus Outdoor Adventures (COA) is a group that focuses on outdoor adventures, including hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and more. With over 2,800 members, COA offers a range of events that cater to different levels of experience and interests.

4. Hike Ohio
Hike Ohio is a group that focuses on hiking throughout Ohio, including Columbus. The group organizes weekly hikes, ranging from easy walks to more challenging trails. Hike Ohio also offers camping trips, backpacking adventures, and other activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

5. TrekOhio
TrekOhio is a website that offers comprehensive information about hiking trails and other outdoor activities throughout Ohio. Besides offering detailed information about trails, TrekOhio also provides information about nearby lodging, restaurants, and other attractions. The website is an excellent resource for those who want to plan their hiking trips in Ohio.

6. Meetup Groups
Apart from the organized groups, there are several Meetup groups dedicated to hiking in Columbus, Ohio. Meetup is a social networking platform that connects people with similar interests. The platform offers a range of groups, including hiking groups, that organize regular events and meetups for their members.

7. Sierra Club Central Ohio Group
The Sierra Club Central Ohio Group is a national organization that focuses on environmental conservation and outdoor activities. The group offers several activities throughout the year, including group hikes, camping trips, and other outdoor adventures.

8. Buckeye Trail Association
The Buckeye Trail Association is a non-profit organization that maintains the Buckeye Trail, a 1,444-mile hiking trail that loops around Ohio. The organization offers several activities and events throughout the year, including group hikes, volunteer work, and other social events.

In conclusion, Columbus, Ohio, has a full range of hiking groups and outdoor activities for enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trekker, there’s always a group or trail for you. By joining any of these groups, you can meet new people, challenge yourself, and explore the beautiful scenery of Columbus, Ohio. So, put on your hiking boots, grab your backpack, and hit the trails!