Top 8 Kansas City Mo Hiking Groups

Are you an outdoors enthusiast residing in or near Kansas City Mo looking for like-minded people and great hiking spots? Well, look no further! We have done some research for you and compiled a list of the top 8 Kansas City Mo hiking groups that you can join and explore with. In this article, we will go in-depth about each of these groups and what they offer. So, put on your hiking boots, grab your water bottle, and let’s dive in!

1. Kansas City Outdoor Club

Founded in 1967, the Kansas City Outdoor Club is one of the oldest and most established hiking groups in Kansas City Mo. They offer a wide range of outdoor activities for their members including hiking, biking, kayaking, and camping. With over 800 members, the club hosts several hikes each week in various locations surrounding the city. They also organize overnight camping trips and have an annual Christmas party for members.

2. Kansas City Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is a popular nationwide organization that focuses on environmental conservation and outdoor activities. The Kansas City chapter hosts several outdoor activities each year including hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and more. They also organize grassroots efforts to protect natural resources in the area such as forest and parkland.

3. Kansas City Hiking Meetup Group

If you prefer a more casual hiking group, the Kansas City Hiking Meetup Group may be a great fit for you. With over 2,000 members, the group has something for everyone regardless of skill level or experience. They offer hikes on a regular basis throughout the year in different locations around the city. The group also has active discussions and forums for members to share their experiences and tips.

4. Trail Nerds

The Trail Nerds group is a bit more specialized as they focus on trail running and ultra-running events. However, they also have regular hikes and social events for members to connect and explore the outdoors. The group has a strong sense of community and encourages members to participate in trail maintenance and conservation efforts.

5. Kansas City Blues and Jazz Hiking Club

If you’re a music lover in addition to being an outdoors enthusiast, the Kansas City Blues and Jazz Hiking Club may be just right for you. This group combines their interest in blues and jazz music with hiking and hosts regular events to explore the city’s music scene as well as some of the trails in the area. They also organize day hikes and weekend camping trips for members to enjoy.

6. Kansas City Women’s Hiking Group

Looking for a hiking group that caters specifically to women? Look no further than the Kansas City Women’s Hiking Group. This inclusive group welcomes women of all skill levels and ages to explore the outdoors together. They offer a variety of hikes throughout the year in different locations around the city, as well as social events and fundraising activities.

7. Rovers Outdoors Club

Founded in 1987, Rovers Outdoors Club is a volunteer-run organization that focuses on outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and more. They offer a range of events throughout the year, including camping trips, social events, and conservation efforts. The group is open to adults of all ages and skill levels and is committed to promoting environmental responsibility.

8. Independence Hiking Club

Located in Independence, Missouri, the Independence Hiking Club is a small but tight-knit group that welcomes hikers of all abilities. The group hosts several hikes throughout the year, including day hikes and overnight backpacking trips for more experienced hikers. They also have an active community forum for members, where they can share trail conditions, recommended gear, and other hiking tips.


No matter what your hiking style or skill level is, there is a group in Kansas City Mo that can fulfill your needs. We hope this list of top 8 Kansas City Mo hiking groups has provided you with some great options to explore the outdoors and make new friends. Joining a hiking group not only provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the scenery but also meet new people who share your passion for the outdoors. So, grab your backpack, lace up your boots, and hit the trails with one of these fantastic groups!