Top 8 Miami Hiking Groups to Join Today

Here at [Our Company Name], we are passionate about exploring the great outdoors and staying active. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the top 8 Miami hiking groups that are worth joining today!

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches, but did you know that it has some incredible hiking trails as well? From scenic coastal walks to challenging forest hikes, Miami has it all. And what better way to explore these trails than with a group of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the outdoors?

So, without further ado, let’s dive into Miami’s top 8 hiking groups that you need to check out!

1. Miami Hiking & Camping Group

The Miami Hiking & Camping Group is one of the most popular hiking groups in the Miami area. This group is all about exploring the great outdoors, making new friends, and learning new skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, this group has something for everyone.

Not only do they organize regular hiking trips, but they also offer workshops on hiking and camping skills, such as map reading and survival techniques. This group is perfect for those who want to learn more about the great outdoors while meeting new people.

2. Florida Trail Association – Miami Chapter

If you’re looking for a group that is serious about hiking, then the Florida Trail Association’s Miami Chapter is the perfect fit for you. This group is dedicated to maintaining and protecting the Florida Trail, a 1,400-mile trail that spans the length of Florida.

The Miami Chapter organizes regular hikes along the Florida Trail, as well as other hiking trails in the Miami area. They also offer a variety of hiking-related workshops, such as trail building and maintenance, in order to keep the trails in top condition.

3. Miami Outdoors & Hiking Club

The Miami Outdoors & Hiking Club is another popular group that is dedicated to exploring the great outdoors. This group organizes regular hiking trips to some of Miami’s most beautiful hiking trails, as well as other outdoor activities such as kayaking and camping.

One of the biggest advantages of joining this group is the sense of community that it provides. The members of this group are passionate about the outdoors and love to share their knowledge and experiences with others.

4. Sierra Club – Miami Group

The Sierra Club is a national organization that is dedicated to protecting the environment and promoting outdoor recreation. The Sierra Club’s Miami Group is no exception, as they organize regular hikes and other outdoor activities in order to get people out into nature.

One of the unique features of this group is their focus on environmental activism. They are dedicated to protecting Miami’s natural resources and work tirelessly to promote environmentally responsible policies and practices.

5. Miami Metro Area Hiking & Backpacking

The Miami Metro Area Hiking & Backpacking group is perfect for those who want to explore Miami’s hidden hiking gems. This group organizes hikes to some of the lesser-known hiking trails in the Miami area, allowing you to discover new places and experiences.

In addition to hiking, this group also organizes backpacking trips that will take you far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re looking for a challenging multi-day hike or a relaxed day trip, this group has something for everyone.

6. Redlands/Yamato Bay Hiking Meetup

If you’re looking for a group that focuses on exploring Miami’s natural beauty, then the Redlands/Yamato Bay Hiking Meetup is the perfect fit for you. This group organizes hiking trips to some of the most scenic and picturesque areas in Miami, including the Redlands and Yamato Bay.

Not only will you get to explore some of Miami’s most stunning landscapes, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the local flora and fauna. This group is perfect for nature lovers who are looking for a relaxing and informative hiking experience.

7. Jewish Adventure Club of South Florida

The Jewish Adventure Club of South Florida is a unique hiking group that combines outdoor activities with Jewish culture and values. This group organizes hikes, camping trips, and other outdoor activities that are infused with Jewish traditions and practices.

In addition to hiking, this group also offers opportunities to learn about Jewish history and culture, making it a great option for those who want to explore both Miami’s outdoors and its cultural heritage.

8. The Tribe

The Tribe is a social group for young Jewish professionals that offers a wide range of activities and events, including hiking. This group organizes regular hikes to some of Miami’s most beautiful trails, allowing you to get some exercise while also meeting new people.

In addition to hiking, The Tribe also offers a variety of other social events, such as happy hours and community service projects. It’s a great way to get involved in the local community while also staying active and healthy.


Miami is a beautiful and diverse city that offers plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, there’s a hiking group out there that’s perfect for you.

From the Miami Hiking & Camping Group to The Tribe, there are plenty of options for those who want to stay active, make new friends, and explore Miami’s stunning natural beauty. So what are you waiting for? Check out these top 8 Miami hiking groups today and start exploring!