Top 8 San Diego Hiking Groups

San Diego is known for its great weather, beautiful beaches, and scenic hiking trails. It’s the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts who love to hike and explore nature. However, when you’re new to the city, or simply want to find a group of like-minded enthusiasts, finding the perfect hiking group can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top 8 San Diego hiking groups to make your search easier.

1. San Diego Hiking Club

The San Diego Hiking Club is one of the largest and most active hiking groups in San Diego. They offer hikes ranging from easy strolls to challenging uphill treks. The club is social, easy-going, and welcomes hikers of all levels of experience. They also host various social events throughout the year, giving you the chance to meet other like-minded people in the community.

2. San Diego Trail Tramps

The San Diego Trail Tramps is a hiking group for women only. The group focuses on hiking in San Diego’s backcountry and explores some of the most challenging and scenic trails in the area. This group is perfect for women who love to hike, explore, and socialize while connecting with other adventurous women.

3. San Diego Mountain Biking Association

The San Diego Mountain biking association is perfect for those who are passionate about mountain biking. The group organizes regular trail rides, as well as weekend camping trips and social events for mountain bike enthusiasts. The group also provides an excellent opportunity for networking with other biking enthusiasts and linking up for informal rides outside of scheduled events.

4. San Diego Sierrans

San Diego Sierrans is a hiking group that is committed to conservation and environmental issues. The group organizes various hikes as well as environmental activities like beach cleanups, conservation efforts, and educational seminars. San Diego Sierrans strive to create a community of environmental activists and nature enthusiasts.

5. San Diego Outdoor Enthusiasts

The San Diego Outdoor Enthusiasts is a hiking and social group that ranges from moderate to strenuous hikes in the San Diego area. Besides hiking, they also organize activities like camping, kayaking, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities. The group is social-minded and encourages members to connect and build new friendships in the community.

6. San Diego Adventure Seekers

The San Diego Adventure Seekers is a hiking group that caters to the thrill-seekers in the San Diego area who love to explore the outdoors. This group offers challenges like night hikes, challenging terrain treks, and even backpacking trips. The group strives to create a community of adventurers who seek to connect with nature and push their limits.

7. San Diego Happy Hikers

The San Diego Happy Hikers is a hiking group that welcomes hikers of all ages and abilities. The group organizes hikes throughout the San Diego area, from easy to strenuous, and offers the chance to be social with like-minded people. The group also offers hikes for families and children, making it the perfect group for parents who want to introduce their kids to the outdoors.

8. San Diego Adventurers

San Diego Adventurers is a social hiking group that focuses on exploring the San Diego area. The group organizes hikes, camping trips, beach parties, and other social events to build camaraderie among its members. This group is perfect for those who love to meet new people and explore new trails while having a good time.


San Diego has several hiking groups that cater to every type of hiker out there. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a group that matches your pace and interests. The best way to find the perfect group is to attend a few hikes or events hosted by the groups mentioned above. Not only will you get to explore the beautiful San Diego outdoors, but you will also get to make new friends and connect with like-minded people in the community.